What does joint venture mean?

What does joint venture mean?

The word Vancher means the institution, but it is mostly used in the sense of risk. Juventus Vancher in Iran is also used in the same sense. Juventus is the partnership in the profits and losses of an economic activity. Juventus Vancher means the cooperation of two or more natural or legal individuals to carry out an independent business project.
Since the beginning of the year, the term Juventus Vancher has been widely used in US courts, and then became one of the most popular terms in the global legal system used in all languages in the world.
Today, with the development of international economic and commercial relations, we are seeing international trade contracts more than ever. Special types of contracts, such as Juventus Vancher’s contracts, for -profit partnership contracts, financing and franchise contracts, have their own nature and function, each playing an important role in international trade.

What is Juventin Vancher’s contract?

The Juventus Vancher contract, or the Contributor’s Contract, is actually a form of regulating the types of international contracts that can be concluded in different types, the definition of this type of contract used in the Persian language with the same Latin term Joint Venture joint venture, based on a kind of contractual partnership and contractual format. Cooperation implies. These contracts deserve business cooperation in which the parties to the contract jointly take on specific activity, and by actively involved in that activity, they share their profits and losses.
This type of contract has the types of contracts that can be cooperated with the creation of a larger economic unit by combining the parties’ contributions depending on the type of participation. The concept of “brings” also refers to any financial or non -financial convenience such as technology and technology. In essence, the important element of this contract is the presence of the parties’ participation for greater profitability.
Joint Venture, another name, is a joint venture or a profit partnership, which means the formation of a joint business company by two or more companies to achieve specific commercial, financial, or technical goals.

What are the characteristics of Juventus Vancher’s contract or the Contracting Contract?

The contract of Juventus Vancher can also be concluded with natural and legal individuals outside of Iran’s borders and pursues a goal, while Juventus Vancins do not require a specific goal. On the other hand, Jawin Vancher does not have a validity or period of time, and as long as there is a common purpose or objectives and in the type and manner of protest from the parties, they can continue their partnerships under Vancher.

Activated participation is the most important feature of the Contract Partnership Agreement. If one of the parties, despite the participation in Juventus Venture, in the field of capital and dividend, the other party refused to participate in the participation, such relationships in Juventus Vancher cannot be analyzed and cannot be controversial. For this reason, Jawin Vancher is distinguished from corporations in which capitalists do not participate in economic activities after providing part of the capital, and this feature distinguishes it from financial contracts, in which the bank or supplier supplier contracts Project funding does not interfere with the project.
Observing the principle of goodwill, especially in cases where the common interests are, is very important. This principle guarantees the trust of the parties to the contract.

What is the use of Juventus Vancher (Profit Partnership Agreement)?

With the aim of increasing capital power, reducing risk and boosting competitiveness in the market, they sign a contract with Juventus Vancher to contribute to a specific investment. By accepting contractual obligations, individuals have multiple rights and duties, such as the right to share in interest and profits, the right to managing the project, and the assignments such as any potential in any possible losses that may be derived from this contract.
Partnership is the principle of Juventin Vancher’s contract. Therefore, when one of the parties, at the request of the other party, refuses to do so and does not participate in economic activity, so Jawin has not been realized.

Juventin Vancher (In -Profit Partnership Agreement) and its benefits

Juventin Vancher has the following benefits:
Access to resources and markets that were not available before Juventin Vancher was created;
Reducing risk through participation;
Requires low and limited initial investment;
New route to exit the market, through the initial supply of shares or selling stocks
Speeding to introduce and deliver the product to the market.

How to set up a Juventin Vancher contract?

Although there is no unified and universal model for a JV Vancher contract (JV) or for -profit partnerships, but on the basis of scientific and practical and legal experiences, common points are common to such contracts, and all of them from a business contract principle. Are internationally followed, including:

2- Parties of the Investigation Partnership Agreement: The financial and technological identity of the parties’ parties on the one hand and their full legal specifications on the other, from the outset of the contract until the completion of the project, has many effects and is important to the parties.

Definitions: In most investment contracts, including Juventus Vancher, a material called “Definitions” is allocated to define and explain the terms and terms used in the contract.

The subject of the Contracting Contract: The subject of the Juventin Vancher contract may be the implementation of a specific project or investment that must be clearly specified in any case.

2. The territory of the Contract Contract: According to the condition of the contract, which in some cases is also referred to as the domain of services, the boundaries of the partners are determined.

2. Credit and termination of the Contract Contract: The rights and obligations of the parties to the contract are effective and effective within the terms of the contract validity and will continue to live until one of the ends of the end.

Partners’ Rights and obligations: The rights and obligations of the partners are diverse in terms of the subject matter, goals, and implementation of the project. Partners ‘salaries, profit receipt, transfer of al -Sharkah share, priority in purchasing al -Sharkah share, right to access information, partners’ obligations, participation, and so on. There are topics that should be mentioned in this paragraph.

1- Partners ‘Liability: In Juventin Vancher, a condition of responsibility is stated at two levels: (a) Partners’ responsibility to each other (b) The responsibility of partners against third parties, whose responsibilities of the partners must be carefully mentioned in the contract.

Change in Juventus Vancher Partners and the conditions and formalities needed to fulfill it: One of the conditions that during the negotiation stage is the place of much discussion between the partners. Change in the composition of the partner

Various actions are briefly: the new partner’s entry into Juventus Venture, the successor to the new partner instead of the former partner, the departure of one of the partners from Juventus Vancher, the expulsion of one of the partners from Juventus Vancher, and the death of one of the partners from Juventus Vancher.

2. General Conditions of Investment Contracts, including the Contracting Contribution Agreement, are similar to each other and complement the contractual and dedicated contract conditions, rather than specifically relevant to the Juventin Vancher project, to adjust the partners’ relationships when they occur. Accidents and disputes, the law governing the dispute, the way the partners correspond to each other, the formalities of the contract, the payment of legal costs, and so on.

What are the types of Juventin Vancher’s contract?

In general, we have two types of Juventus Venechar or the Contracting Contracting Agreement:

Contractable Juventin Vancher
This type of Juventin Vancher is based on a joint venture or cooperation contract without establishing a new joint business to implement the contract. Each party in this contract is responsible for performing part of the joint activity. A joint management committee oversees the entire activity of the parties to the contract, but the parties to the Investigative Partnership Agreement each carry out a part of the activity in its own name.

Corporate Vancher

In this type of Juventin Vancher, the will of the parties to cooperate as the establishment of a commercial company. The parties concentrate their contracts and all the affairs of the company or business.

Other types of Juventin Vancher are as follows:

Concenter Treaty (Concentertion JV): In order to cooperate the parties to create a larger economic unit
Complementary JV Contract: The parties conclude this contract to combine their skills and technologies and technical knowledge to diversify their products.
SUPPLY JV Contract: The parties participate together to finance and reduce and adjust costs.
Research and Development Contract
Sales JV Treaty: Legal Agreement for Sales and Distribution of Production Products in other countries’ markets
Integrated Juventus Contract: In this collaborative contract, all aspects of a business including investment, construction, distribution, marketing and sales are traded.
How does the Juventus Vancher’s Investigation Partnership Agreement end?
A Juventin Vancher contract ends in various forms, including:
2. By expiration of a predetermined time period
1- By doing the subject matter of the contract
1- By the death or dissolution of one of the parties
2. By the ruling of a court that has been impossible to continue Juventus Vancher because of the deep disputes between the parties.

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