Quality assurance, commitment in service, speed of action
Quality assurance, commitment in service, speed of action
Global Business Network
Global Business Network
VIRACO is a smart choice
VIRACO is a smart choice
Be a member of the extended VIRACO family
Be a member of the extended VIRACO family

Our global family

Viraco Trade Company (with the correct pronunciation of Vira Business Trade) with the abbreviated name of VIRACO as a company and holding with the aim of consolidating and sharing the capabilities and potentials of several companies and international business, economic and business groups, it was registered in 1400 SH and officially started its activity in early 2022 AH.

درباره ویراکو

Fields of activity of Viraco

Supply of authorized goods import, export

Procurement and supply of all kinds of permitted goods (in accordance with the laws of the country and the laws of the countries of origin and destination) from all over the world, import, export in different countries.

Execution of civil and industrial projects

Implementation of various construction projects, including mass building, construction of towns, bridges, roads, and industrial projects, such as setting up various factories, cold stores, and power plants.

Machinery production and equipping factories

Procurement and production of sorting machines, weighing and packaging, industrial printing machines, equipping factories, airports, leisure and service centers

Currency remittances, investment

Carrying out all kinds of currency remittances and financial transfers, financing, etc. and investment services in Iran and 17 countries of the world in a completely secure manner.

Viraco services

Services such as provide and supply of goods, import, export, implementation of construction and industrial projects, machinery production and equipment of factories, foreign exchange remittances, investment, etc. in different countries of the world, especially the Middle East and CIS and Europe. The details of the activity fields and services that can be provided in the relevant section on this website are fully described.

Supply Department

Activities in the field of trade, import and export and supply of legal and authorized goods depending on the request of the applicants

Department of Civil Engineering - Industry

Valuable services and activities of Viraco Group companies in the field of civil engineering and industry

Production and equipment department

The activity of large producer collections in various production fields in the large Viracu family

Finance - Investment Department

Activities in the field of investment, capital attraction, financial-currency transfers at various international levels

We are happy that
Compliance with business ethics, trustworthiness and keeping the secrets of colleagues and employees, to maintain quality, companionship and responsibility

It has always been and will be the headline of Viraku Global Holding

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