Our services

Supply Department

Services of Viraco team companies operate in the field of trade, import and export and supply of legal goods depending on the request of applicants.

• Supply of petrochemical raw materials including HDPE, PP, BL3, F7000, etc.( for More)

• Supply of fuel, raw materials of various factories and industries (for More)

• Refinery products and its derivatives such as hydrocarbons, condensate, bitumen, etc.

• Different grades of high quality engine oil or according to buyer analysis

• A variety of foods such as legumes, summer vegetables, fruits, concentrates, canned foods, edible oils, etc. in packages or in bulk in custom packaging

• Supply of construction materials, types of facade stones, exposed concrete, concrete panels, types of ceramic tiles and porcelain

دپارتمان تامین کالا ویراکو

Department of Civil Engineering

دپارتمان عمران – صنعت

The set of services and activities provided by Viraco team companies in the fields of civil engineering and industry are:

• Execution and participation in construction projects (design, execution, completion):

– Modern hospitals and  schools

–  Settlement (apartments and villas)

–  Villa construction and smart homes

–  Road and bridge construction

Execution of industrial projects

– Design and implementation of production projects of factories and refrigerators (design, implementation, commissioning of production line, etc.)

– Design and implementation of power plant projects and electricity supply (combined cycle, solar, wind)

Production and equipment department

In the universal Viraco team, there are large production groups active in various fields of production, which there is a reference to their products and services below:

• Preparation and production of various machines for sorting, weighing and packing fruits and nuts

• Industrial and flexi printing machines

• Equipping factories, airports, leisure and service centers

دپارتمان مالی و سرمایه گذاری ویراکو

Finance and Investment Department

دپارتمان تولید و تجهیزات ویراکو

Services of Viraco team companies operating in the field of investment, capital raising, financial-currency transfers at various international levels:

• Carrying out all kinds of foreign currency remittances and legal financial (foreign exchange) transfers from Iran, to Iran, and between other countries

• Financing

• Investment services (providing investment for projects / defining cost-effective projects for investors) in Iran and 17 countries

• Launching various legal businesses in Iran and more than 15 countries from A to Z