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Viraco global family

Our global familyViraco Trade Company (with the correct pronunciation of Vira Business Trade) with the abbreviated name of VIRACO as a company and holding with the aim of consolidating and sharing the capabilities and potentials of several companies and international business, economic and business groups, it was registered in 1400 SH and officially started its activity in early 2022 AH.

We are proud that
Adherence to business ethics, trustworthiness and keeping business secrets of colleagues and customers, commitment to maintain quality, companionship, and responsibility

It has always been and will be the headline of Viraku Global Holding

About Viraco

!Why Us

Viraco Group and Erica Tejarat Vira Group of Companies with a coordinated and cohesive network of domestic and international companies and individuals in the fields of supply of materials and goods, trade, investment, finance, production, construction, services and Consulting and using valuable managerial experiences on a large scale, it is possible to provide services based on the satisfaction and taste of the target community and its customers.

Our core value

We are proud that through different networks of companies and different economic groups, sub-groups and partner groups inside and outside Iran can provide knowledge, experience, cooperation and constructive communication in various commercial-economic-commercial fields. . Materials and … have a continuous and purposeful activity.