Water & Waste Water

  • Analyzer and Instrument: Flow, Level, Pressure, Turbidity & TSS, Nitrate, Phosphate, PH, O2, Cl2, TOC, BOD
  • Chlorination System including: Design, Execution, Start Up, Repair and spare parts
  • Chemical Dosing Package
  • Process Automation and Telemetry
  • Chlorine Shut Off System
  • Well monitoring up to 1200m Depth

Oil & Gas

  • Procurement of field instruments package
  • Design and execution of metering system
  • Inventory Control
  • Tank Gauging
  • Density Measurement
  • Interface Measurement

Mineral & Cement

  • Level Measurement solution for Powder, Clinker, Granule
  • Non-Contact Level Measurement with Gamma
  • Non-Contact Density measurement with Gamma
  • Trouble Shooting and Periodic Maintenance
  • Sizing and Selection of Measuring Instruments

Food & Beverage

  • Design and Procurement of instrumentation package for SIP and CIP
  • Brix Measurement
  • Batching and Additive Control
  • Level Measurement in Tanks, Fillers, Sump, Channel
  • Inventory Control


  • Design and Procurement of Field Instruments in accordance with corrosive Material
  • Analyzers: Redox, Conductivity, PH
  • Flow Measurement in Corrosive Process Line

Wood & Paper

  • Production line Automation
  • Level Control: Digester, Vessel, Reservoir
  • Boiler Process Automation
  • Hydraulic Press automation
  • Analyzers: PH, COD, BOD, O2